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Cæeteric (10th Century), Chaterih or Chateriz (11th Century), Chatric (13th Century) and Chatteris (Modern)

Chatteris is one of the four market towns of the Fenland District of Cambridgeshire, the others being March, Whittlesey and Wisbech. (External websites will open in new window)

The town and parishes of Chatteris in Fenland.

As can be seen above name of the town of Chatteris has changed very little over the last 1000 years from its first appearance as Cæeteric in 974. It is possible that the first element of the name derives from the Old English name 'Ceatta' but it is more likely related to the word 'ceto' meaning 'forest'. The second element of the name 'ric' translates as 'stream', so perhaps Chatteris means 'Forest Stream' and given the towns location on the edge of the Great Fen there is more than an element of possibility in this formulation.


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Forthcoming Events in or around Chatteris

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Out of the Parish Event

Screen St Ives - Hugo and Josephine

Event venue - Corn Exchange

From 03/10/2014 19:30 until 03/10/2014 22:30

More info about the Screen St Ives - Hugo and Josephine...

Out of the Parish Event

Life on the Holme Front 1940s weekend

Event venue - Holme War Memorial

From 04/10/2014 10:00 until 05/10/2014 16:00

More info about the Life on the Holme Front 1940s weekend ...

Out of the Parish Event

NHS Blood Donor Session

Event venue - Corn Exchange

From 07/10/2014 13:00 until 07/10/2014 19:00

More info about the NHS Blood Donor Session...

Out of the Parish Event

U3A General meeting

Event venue - Corn Exchange

From 09/10/2014 10:30 until 09/10/2014 12:30

More info about the U3A General meeting...

Out of the Parish Event

Booze on the Ouse 2014

Event venue - Burgess Hall

From 09/10/2014 17:00 until 09/10/2014 23:00

More info about the Booze on the Ouse 2014...

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